Website transformation

A new skin for this digital culture space in the centre of Paris.

A digital culture space with platforms showcasing their full potential.

At the very beginning of my time as Digital Communications Manager at la Gaîté lyrique, I was asked to start planning a website transformation. For a space so concerned with pop cultures, the initial version launched in 2010 had a minimalist aesthetic which didn't quite reflect the appropriate identity.
It was bilingual, but not responsive.

Key updates:

  • Drupal 6 to 7
  • Responsive design
  • Better menu navigation
  • New aesthetic

    My Role

    • Product management, editorial roadmap, user journeys
    • CMS improvement
    • Internal information and feedback collection
    • Monitoring of metrics post-release

    The Team

    • Development with a remote web agency Bunker Palace
    • Artistic direction by Yorgo&co
    • Internal stakeholders: webmaster, communications team, management, etc.


    • Qualitative feedback: dynamic aesthetic, better comprehension of the multi-disciplinary nature of the space.
    • Improved experience for internal content team.
    • Significant decrease in bouncing rates