Paris Musique Club

App developped for an exhibition showcasing multimedia art and the Paris music scene, in collaboration with Red Bull Music Academy.

The event:

An interactive exhibition comprised of eight multimedia creations by Collectif Scale, coupled with a festival program to showcase the Paris music scene in collaboration with Red Bull Music Academy.


• What off-site experience do we offer our visitors as a digital culture space?
• How does this project’s DNA translate into an online experience, available before or after a visit?


  • Red Bull Music Academy is famous for creating world-class content.
  • It is a major opportunity to ally content creation forces and also benefit from both our audiences who share common interests.
  • The artists involved in the exhibition master audiovisual production. A stellar opportunity for collaboration.
Website transformation

The app

  • An all-inclusive application to reflect the diversity of the event: exhibition and festival, interactive art and music.

  • Exclusive playlists, video interviews, backstage videos, event program, an interactive feature with an artwork inside the exhibition.

  • Available on >iOS and >Android

Application welcome screen

My Role

  • Creating an adaptive content strategy: creation and commission of content fit for app and social media campaigns.
  • Curated playlists, live reporting of events, video production & editing.
  • Bilingual script for the app.
  • Project management with internal & external stakeholders (brands, artists, labels).

The Team

  • Technical development with a remote web agency (Bunker Palace)
  • Internal content creation with 2 members of the communications team: photo documentation and script + field work for video interviews.
  • Validation with Red Bull teams.

If I were to do it again?

  • Happy to have explored the form of the app, which seemed appropriate for the event. However, not easily adoptable by audiences.
  • Qualitative user testing
  • Better statistics reporting